What Kind of Bait Stations Does Terminix Use?

Designed to combat the destructive threat of termites, this cutting-edge system ensures immediate protection from infestations. Unlike traditional methods that require bait to be added after installation, the Always Active system incorporates bait directly into the station during the initial setup. This means that once the stations are in place, homeowners and businesses can rest assured knowing that they’ve a proactive defense against termites.

What Bait System Does Terminix Use?

Terminix, a leading pest control company, has gained recognition for it’s efficient termite baiting system. This system involves the use of bait stations strategically inserted into the soil surrounding a structure. These bait stations are placed at specified intervals to intercept termites that are actively foraging.

The Always Active Sentricon baiting system stands out due to it’s effectiveness and reliability. It’s been extensively tested and proven to eliminate termite colonies effectively. Once the termites find the bait stations, they consume the bait and carry it back to their colony, ultimately leading to colony elimination.

Additionally, the Sentricon baiting system used by Terminix is environmentally friendly. The active ingredient in the bait targets termites specifically and poses no threat to humans, pets, or non-targeted insects. This ensures a safe and sustainable pest control solution for homeowners.

In order to effectively combat termite infestations, it’s crucial to understand the active ingredients in termite bait and their efficacy. The tested killing agents, namely diflubenzuron, emamectin benzoate, and thiamethoxam, have been proven to be effective in controlling termite populations. However, an equally important component of termite bait is the attractant microcrystalline cellulose, which plays a significant role in luring termites towards the bait station. By comprehending the composition and effectiveness of these active ingredients, homeowners and pest control professionals can make informed decisions in selecting the most suitable termite bait for their specific needs.

What Are the Active Ingredients in Termite Bait?

Terminix, a leading provider of pest control services, uses bait stations as an effective method for termite control. These bait stations are designed to attract termites and then eliminate them, ultimately protecting homes and structures from further damage.

One common active ingredient found in termite bait is diflubenzuron. This insect growth regulator disrupts the normal development of termite larvae, preventing them from molting and ultimately leading to their demise.

Another active ingredient used by Terminix is emamectin benzoate. This substance acts as a neurotoxin, affecting the nervous system of termites and causing paralysis and death. Emamectin benzoate is highly effective in controlling termite populations, as it quickly spreads through the colony and eliminates not only the worker termites but also the queen.

Thiamethoxam is also commonly found in Terminixs termite bait stations. Thiamethoxam is an effective termite killer and is often combined with other active ingredients for enhanced efficacy.

Termites are particularly attracted to cellulose-based materials, and microcrystalline cellulose mimics wood, making it an effective bait to lure them into the stations. Once inside, the active ingredients work to eliminate the termite colony and prevent further damage.

The Process of How Termite Bait Stations Work to Eliminate Termite Colonies.

  • Termites are attracted to the monitoring stations where baits are placed.
  • The bait contains a slow-acting toxic substance.
  • The first termites to find the bait feed on it and carry it back to the colony.
  • The toxic bait is shared with other termites through a process called trophallaxis.
  • The toxic substance gradually kills the termites, including the queen.
  • As the colony weakens and eventually dies, the termite infestation is eliminated.
  • The monitoring stations are regularly inspected and replenished with fresh bait as necessary.
  • This process continues until the termite colony is completely eradicated.

Termite bait stations contain a specific active ingredient known as diflubenzuron, which acts as a chitin synthesis inhibitor. By impairing the termites’ ability to produce chitin, the essential component of their exoskeleton, this ingredient effectively disrupts their growth and reproduction. These bait stations are designed to be secure and can only be accessed with the use of a special tool called The SpiderTM.

What Is the Active Ingredient in Termite Bait Stations?

When it comes to termite bait stations, Terminix utilizes a specific active ingredient to effectively combat termite infestations. The active ingredient found in their bait stations is diflubenzuron, which acts as a chitin synthesis inhibitor. Chitin is a vital component of a termites exoskeleton, and by inhibiting it’s production, diflubenzuron impairs the termites ability to molt and grow properly.

The bait stations used by Terminix are designed to be difficult to open without the help of a specific tool known as The SpiderTM. This is important because it ensures that only trained professionals can access and handle the bait stations, reducing the risk of unauthorized use or tampering.

Terminixs bait stations have a diameter of 3 inches, making them compact and discreet. This allows for strategic placement around your property, targeting areas where termite activity is most likely to occur.


Our priority at Terminix is to provide our customers with the most effective and immediate protection against termites. That's why we rely on the Always Active Sentricon baiting system. This advanced technology ensures that bait is inserted into the station at the time of installation, providing you with immediate protection against termites. With the Always Active system, you can rest assured that your property is safeguarded from the potential damages and financial burdens caused by these destructive pests. Trust in Terminix and our cutting-edge bait stations to keep your home or business termite-free.

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